How to obtain a world citizenship and passport in 2024

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Alexey Nosovsky

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Update: 30 April 2024 7 minutes read
World citizen passport

The ideology of world citizenship or cosmopolitanism places the values and interests of humanity above those of any nation or state. The concept originated in ancient Greece, but only in 1953 appeared a commercial organization that began issuing appropriate identity cards.

According to the idea of Harry Davis, founder of the World Service Authority (WSA), the world passport is a document confirming that a person is a resident of Earth. The ID card is used to demonstrate one’s commitment to the ideology of cosmopolitanism. More than 1,000,000 people have a world passport. The document makes it possible to cross the borders of certain countries.

World citizens: who they are and how to get such a status

A world citizen has priorities that correspond to the ideology of cosmopolitanism. The core values of the supporters of this worldview are:

  • equal rights and obligations of citizens of different countries;
  • living or doing business anywhere in the world;
  • learning and gaining new experience;
  • political and economic freedom;
  • participation in solving global problems of humanity.

As proof of citizenship of the world, supporters of the ideology process an identity card at a commercial organization called WSA.

How to become a world citizen: the procedure of obtaining a WSA passport

  1. Apply for a world passport. The applicant for world citizenship should visit the official website of the World Service Authority, indicate in the application form their full name, place and date of birth, sex, weight, eye color, full name of the father and mother, contacts and other data, then send the online application. The candidate has the right to fill in the form in handwriting by printing out the appropriate template in advance. A scanned copy of the application with the data should be sent to the WSA email.
  2. Pay the cost of the passport. The applicant should pay the registration fee for the document on the organization’s website via the electronic service World Citizen Government Payment.
  3. Wait for the decision. The average time to process the document is 3-4 months. Applicant can reduce this time by paying an additional fee for urgency.
  4. Get a world passport. The ready-made passport looks like a standard national ID card and has a blue cover with gold embossing. The organization sends the document to the applicant by mail to the address indicated on the application form. The delivery time depends on the logistics company chosen by the applicant.

The document cannot be inherited or acquired by birth, naturalization, or other standard means — it can only be purchased from the WSA.

Required Documents

To apply for a world passport, the applicant must gather a package of documents:

  • completed questionnaire;
  • copy of an ID card (international or national passport, driver’s license, birth certificate);
  • 2 photos, 4 x 4 cm or electronic version of the photo in JPG format.

A copy of the handwritten form must be notarized. If the applicant is unable to provide any identification documents when submitting the online application, they have to send a clear print of the index finger of their right hand as an alternative.

Documents for citizenship of the world

Validity and cost of a world passport

Information on how much a world passport costs and how long it is valid is shown in the table below.

Validity period, years Cost, $
3 75
5 100
10 125

Additionally, the applicant has the opportunity to obtain a donor passport for 15 years at a cost of 500 USD. The standard processing time of the application is 4 months. If the candidates need to get the world citizenship faster, they should pay a higher price for urgency. The price list is given in the table below.

Time of application processing, working days Cost, $
30 50
20 75
5–10 150

In case the application form is filled out by hand, you will have to pay an additional fee for sending it. Also, there will be expenses for the delivery of the passport to the address specified in the application. The amount depends on the country of destination and logistics service and can vary from 5 to 140 USD.

Refusal to issue a world citizenship

WSA may deny an applicant’s request for a world citizenship if the candidate is internationally wanted. There are no other requirements for applicants.

Where and how to use the world citizen passport

As of 2023, the world passport is a controversial document. The ID is not issued by the government of any state, so most countries do not recognize it.

Which countries recognize world citizenship

According to the WSA, there are states that allow world citizens to cross borders, obtain visas, and use the document as identification. Among the countries that recognize this citizenship are:

  • Burkina Faso;
  • Ecuador;
  • Mauritania;
  • Tanzania;
  • Togo;
  • Zambia.

Despite the fact that the above-mentioned states allow WSA passport holders to use it in their territory, the document is not equated to an internal identity document.

Countries that do not recognize the WSA passport

Countries that are most critical about the world citizen passport are the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland and Russia. However, a few holders of the document have managed to use it in order to obtain entry permits, according to the WSA.

When crossing the borders of a state that does not recognize world citizenship, the holder of this ID card can face problems when presenting it, such as fines, criminal liability and even jail sentence.

Reviews of people who have received a world passport

According to reviews from individuals who have obtained the document, processing a world passport is a simple and quick procedure that does not require applicants to comply with strict conditions. Candidates do not have to take tests on their knowledge of the language, culture and history of any state.

A WSA document often does not provide the holder with any privileges in different countries, while a standard passport or a combination of several ID cards opens up opportunities, such as legal residence and employment in another country.

Help in obtaining the rights of a world citizen

Individuals seeking to expand their list of rights and responsibilities should pay attention to passports that give their owners the following opportunities:

  • visa-free travel to EU and Schengen countries, as well as the U.S., Canada, UAE and other rapidly developing nations;
  • study at any of the best universities in the world as well as getting a scholarship;
  • qualified medical care with state insurance;
  • setting up a profitable business and running a commercial operation in the international market;
  • receiving high salaries and taking advantage of tax benefits.

With the support of international law experts when applying for citizenship of another state, a foreigner receives:

  • Selection of immigration program. Based on the personal data of the applicants, experts offer the best way for them to receive a foreign passport. For example, individuals with ethnic or territorial affiliation to the people of the state can apply for citizenship under the simplified program.
  • Assistance in collecting documents. Migration lawyers keep track of amendments in dossier requirements, so they know what documents should be submitted and where. They also search for missing certificates in the archives, if necessary.
  • Support at all stages of citizenship acquisition. Applicants can rely on advice and support from migration specialists every step of the way – from compiling the visa dossier to preparing for an interview or oath in another country.

Lawyers analyze the rates of refusal to issue a national identity card of another state, so they know how to minimize the risks and legally obtain foreign citizenship.

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