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First immigration marketplace was created as a marketplace for people who want to apply for a residence permit, permanent residence permit or second citizenship in countries with developed economies.

Become a partner was created as a marketplace for people who want to apply for a residence permit, permanent residence permit or second citizenship in countries with developed economies.
The platform hosts certified immigration companies with impeccable reputations from around the world. With their help, users can arrange for citizenship by descent or by birthright, as well as by employment, investment, purchase of real estate or business registration. helps customers choose a relocation program and service provider based on their goals and preferences in just a few clicks.
Handshake image users are guaranteed:
  • confidentiality of personal data;
  • security of the transaction with the service provider;
  • to reach the set goal in the shortest possible time.
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The story behind

In 2018, the mastermind of the project Alexei Nosovsky and his team formed the concept of the immigration marketplace to make the process of obtaining a second citizenship simple, clear and comfortable.

Thus, the portal helped people in different countries to solve a number of extremely important issues:

travel without restrictions;
improve personal safety;
ensure a decent standard of living for oneself and one's family;
get quality education and medical care;
reach professional fulfillment;
conduct business internationally. officially launched in 2021 in Dubai, UAE.
  • the project concept was formed.
  • marketing research was conducted;
  • promotion strategy was developed;
  • a team of developers was assembled;
  • the project was launched.
  • customer and partner departments were set up.
  • the first office was opened in Dubai, UAE.
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Our mission

We make dual citizenship as affordable as possible by simplifying the process of finding immigration services and selecting a reliable provider from a list of certified immigration companies, as well as ensuring the security of personal data and transactions.

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Our vision

Interaction with the platform helps every person become a citizen of the world, that is to travel without any restrictions and live anywhere worldwide.

Our flag

Our flag

The flag vividly shows our core values and mission and portrays the international significance of the marketplace. Five human silhouettes of different colors and a central star-shaped piece stand for the people of the five continents living under one sky without borders. One of the main features of the company's brand identity calls for the unification of the peoples of the world in the pursuit of development and freedom.


Our team


Maksym Polokhailo

Managing Partner


Aleksey Nosovsky

Head of Legal Department (Dubai head office)


Andrey Shkutnik

Representative in the CIS


Nataliia Borshosh

Marketing & PR Officer


Vladimir Kobernyuk

Chief Information Officer


Aleksey Tarasov

Chief Marketing Officer


Anya Vranyes

General manager of representative office in Montenegro


Genrikh Zibert

Lawyer at International World

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