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About iWorld

iWorld is an international migration marketplace that provides efficient interaction between service providers and clients. The website offers a wide range of companies from different countries that provide high-quality services in the migration and related fields. With the help of convenient tools, the website user can quickly and easily find a service provider in any part of the world, that offers the required service on favorable conditions.

The iWorld marketplace is a unique service, which allows clients to solve various migration cases online. The well-thought-out functionality of the website gives the user an opportunity to find a certified company for a particular service, read client feedback on their work and start cooperation. A blog, as well as news and cases pages, will help users learn in detail about the conditions, requirements and grounds for participation in a particular migration program.

272 MM

In 2020, there were 272 million migrants worldwide, representing 3.5% of the global population.

$100 B

At the current average annual market capitalization growth rate of 23%, the level of income generated by investment migration will reach $100 billion by 2025.

$6.7 T

According to a McKinsey Global Institute report, migrants contributed $6.7 trillion, or more than 9%, to global GDP in 2015.

<1>iWorld's</1> goal iWorld

iWorld's goal

To provide the most convenient and easy way of getting immigration, legal and business services worldwide, by offering its users an online service with easy-to-use functionality and effective tools for finding and interacting with companies.

iWorld Values:

ensure effective and comfortable cooperation between migration service providers and their clients;
work only with trusted companies, which have a positive reputation;
enable migration service providers to increase the number of clients and services, and to scale into new markets;
provide a variety of useful information on migration processes and programs, that is difficult to find in other sources.

The story behind iWorld

The migration market has seen a steady increase in activity over the past decades. Due to economic, political and financial factors, as well as for security reasons, more and more people decide to move legally to another country. But the market, until recently, has not been able to offer potential immigrants a convenient way to find a provider of a service they are interested in.

In 2021, the first office of the project iWorld was opened in Dubai, focusing on a successful solution to an existing problem. The marketplace has become a website, that hosts migration companies from all over the world. To get a list of providers, ready to help with legal relocation to another state, the website user simply has to perform a few easy steps. The user can make the final decision by reading customer feedback about the companies in the list and contacting any of them to discuss the terms of cooperation.

The story behind <1>iWorld</1> iWorld

Advantages of iWorld

High-quality service

Users of the marketplace are provided with an account manager, expert technical support, feedback tools and other features to solve related issues.

User comfort

Website visitors can enjoy well-designed functionality and a user-friendly interface, as well as comprehensive support from technical specialists.

Full confidentiality

The project team adheres to the highest security standards, ensuring the safety of personal data of each user.

Reliable information

All the articles are prepared by the experts with extensive experience in law, and each company is thoroughly checked before they are added to the website.

Our team

The iWorld team has long-standing experience in migration, law and business fields, consisting of qualified lawyers, IT specialists, marketers and managers of various areas.

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<1>iWorld's</1> goal iWorld

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