Childbirth in the U.S. (Miami)

Give an American citizenship to your future child!

  • Comfortable delivery in the best hospitals of the world
  • High standard of service and postnatal care
  • Support in adapting to a new country
  • Visa-free travel to 170+ countries, including the EU, UK, UAE, Japan

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Benefits of the program

  • For a mom-to-be

  • Excellent medical care

    The level of the US medical system is one of the highest in the world. American clinics have an established system of quality control, and doctor-patient relations are strictly regulated.

  • Modern service and comprehensive care

    Medical institutions of the USA offer quality service, including modern equipment, automation of all processes and attentive attitude of the staff. American doctors receive specialized education before starting their practice, which allows them to perform surgeries of any degree of complexity.

  • Opportunity to obtain citizenship through family reunification

    As the parent of a child with U.S. citizenship at birth, you can also apply for a U.S. passport. When your child turns 21, he or she becomes eligible to apply for family reunification so that you can apply for an immigrant visa and then become a U.S. citizen.

  • For a Child

  • U.S. Citizenship

    Your child born in the United States automatically becomes an American citizen. After the birth, you will need to complete the minimum number of documents for your newborn to become a U.S. passport holder.

  • Travel around the world with a U.S. passport

    The US passport is one of the strongest in the world. With it, your child can visit 170+ countries without having to apply for visas.

  • Right to a free education in the U.S.

    Every U.S. citizen, including your American child, is entitled to a free school education.

Giving birth in the USA
is an ideal option for

  • for-who

    Couples who are planning to give birth in one of the top clinics with advanced equipment and comfortable conditions.

  • for-who

    Parents who want a strong passport for themselves and their child.

  • for-who

    People who see their future in a country with a high standard of living, a favorable climate, and access to the ocean.

Plan a birth of your baby at one of the most prestigious clinics in the U.S.!

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U.S. Passport Power

A U.S. passport is issued to a foreigner by birth on the territory of this country. This document consistently ranks among the top 5 strongest passports in the world. Parents can apply for U.S. citizenship when their child turns 21.

  • 7th

  • 170+

    visa-free countries

What countries can I visit with the U.S. passport?


Visa requirements for US citizens:

  • The U.S.A.

Get a strong passport for your child by right of soil

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U.S. Childbirth Program:
The Right Choice for Thousands of Women

  • A comfortable delivery Everyone who gives birth in the U.S. has a clear birth plan that is coordinated with the attending physician and the Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Neonatology Department.
  • Advanced equipment U.S. clinics and perinatal centers are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and clients are offered comfortable rooms.
  • Premium medical care The American health care system, according to the Health Care Index rating, ranked 35th in 2023. In US clinics, expectant mothers will receive care and attention, as well as everything necessary for a comfortable stay.
  • Only dedicated specialists The staff of medical institutions in the USA truly care about their patients. Local medicine corresponds to the level of clinics in Israel, Japan and Australia.
  • No corruption All procedures are paid for through the clinic's cash desk, and there are no additional costs or hidden fees.

Premium service

  • Airport pickup and transfer to your place An iWorld representative will meet you at the airport, organize your transfer to your accommodation and assist you with check-in.
  • Finding the best clinic for you We have studied the market of medical centers in the United States and work with only the best ones.
  • Registration of citizenship for newborns Immediately after the birth, the company's specialists will help with the registration of US citizenship for the child.
  • Full legal support iWorld's migration specialists will collect all the necessary documents for obtaining U.S. citizenship and help you with their submission.
  • Control of the whole process You will be assigned a personal tutor, who speaks Russian and English, who will organize the inspection of the clinic and further help with all questions. He will accompany you during doctor's visits and tests. He will be with you on the day of delivery and at the appointments with the pediatrician after the birth of the child.

U.S. citizenship is the best gift for your child

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How it works

  • how-works

    Free consultation After contacting iWorld, our managers provide you with a free consultation to answer all your questions about childbirth in the United States with citizenship.

  • how-works

    The contract and the prepayment After agreeing on all the details, you sign a contract for services with the company, and make an advance payment.

  • how-works

    Booking apartments and flights Our staff selects you comfortable lodging in the U.S. and arranges the purchase of tickets at the best price.

  • how-works

    Airport Pickup and Check-In Assist Our guide will pick you up in Miami Airport, arrange your transfer to your lodging, and help you settle into your rented apartment.

  • how-works

    Finalizing your contract with the clinic You get acquainted with the conditions offered to you by the American clinic, and sign a contract with it to receive medical services.

  • how-works

    Support during delivery On the day of your delivery you will also be accompanied by our specialist and will provide all necessary assistance.

  • how-works

    Document assistance iWorld lawyers accompany you when you apply for U.S. citizenship for your child.

Our partner clinics

iWorld clients can take advantage of renowned U.S. clinics located in Miami. All of them meet the standards of the best perinatal centers in the world and provide the most comfortable conditions for expectant mothers.

Mount Sinai Medical Center
our clinic

The clinic has been on the medical services market for over 60 years. Mount Sinai has deluxe-class wards, which are equipped with everything necessary for a long-term stay. Immediately after birth, the baby is taken to the neonatal unit for tests and observation of its general condition. After all the procedures, the baby and its mother are transferred to the postnatal ward.

The hospital has a neonatal intensive care unit, where prematurely born babies are provided with qualified support. The clinic employs experienced specialists ready to provide timely and effective help to mother and baby. Mount Sinai is distinguished by its state-of-the-art equipment, homely atmosphere and individualized approach to clients. It has been named "Best Miami-Dade County Maternity Hospital.

Memorial Regional Hospital
our clinic

The clinic is staffed by experienced doctors, neonatologists, pediatricians and nurses. The facility has unique lactation specialists who teach patients how to breastfeed properly. Memorial Regional Hospital allows the mother to be with her baby at all times, as all necessary tests and procedures are conducted right in the room.

The clinic offers its patients 39 fully equipped rooms. Some wards are equipped with a separate guest room. The clinic provides patients with a high level of safety. There are cameras installed at the entrance to the maternity ward and wards, and children are kept on electronic bracelets with a sensor until they are discharged.

West Boca Medical Center
our clinic

This medical center is part of the Palm Beach Health Network and is a community hospital. It has been in business for more than 35 years, and offers excellent, comprehensive health care to its patients. It is staffed by board certified physicians, pediatricians, and nurses.

Patients of the clinic can take advantage of robotic surgery, which allows performing operations with minimal incisions. Thanks to its advanced equipment and advanced diagnostic and rehabilitation system, West Boca Medical Center can be considered one of the best clinics in Miami. Mothers and babies receive quality medical care 24 hours a day here.

Jackson North Medical Center
our clinic

Jackson North is an international-class medical center. The clinic staff includes high-level specialists. There is Holtz Children's Hospital with intensive care neonatal unit. The clinic's staff provides medical support to expectant mothers, offering comprehensive care during pregnancy and delivery, and immediately after the birth of a child.

Clients of the center receive the care, attention and effective support of doctors around the clock. The clinic has 20 spacious private rooms. For an additional fee, you can purchase the VIP package, which includes a large-sized ward, toiletries by the French brand L'Occitane, and food from a gourmet menu.

Why moms-to-be trust us


My name is Elisa, and I am the supervisor of the Childbirth in the U.S. program.

World has arranged American citizenship for hundreds of newborns. Each year the company's specialists successfully fulfill over two hundred requests for births in the USA. All clients receive comprehensive consulting as well as assistance in preparing the necessary documents and comprehensive support for the family trip to the USA.

iWorld's achievements in the U.S. Childbirth program:
  • 230+

    births per year with our accompaniment;

  • 100%

    of newborns have been granted U.S. citizenship;

  • 100%

    of birthing mothers are satisfied with service and care;

  • 82%

    of happy mothers recommend our services to their friends and acquaintances.

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safe safe safe

Why it is safe

By choosing the services of the specialists of our company, you get:
  • 100 % security The company provides services in strict accordance with the terms of the official contract.
  • Guarantee of the result under the contract The company guarantees you the successful processing of U.S. citizenship by the birth of a child.
  • Legal support Within one year after you apply for citizenship you will receive legal support.
  • Minimum upfront fee To start working with our company you will need to make an advance payment of 30% of the required amount.

Service sets and cost of the U.S. Childbirth program

  • Trip preparation, ongoing consultations with the company's specialists
  • Assisting in arranging and collecting all necessary documents
  • Selection and booking of air tickets
  • Rent of a place to stay
  • Selection of the clinic even before departure to the USA
  • Pickup at the airport, transfer to your place of residence
  • Sym-card delivery, mobile connection
  • Assistance in settling in at your new place of residence
  • Contract with the clinic
  • Arrangement and accompaniment to medical appointments
  • Delivery support
  • Registration of all documents for the baby on a turnkey basis
  • All services of the package "Basic"
  • The concierge service (for the entire period of service under the contract)
  • Accompanying to the consultation with a specialist of the stem cell bank
  • 5 consultations with a psychologist for pregnant women
  • Assistance in the selection and hiring of house staff (housekeeper or babysitter)
  • Guided tour of Florida's coastal towns with an interpreter by car
  • Car pick-up and rental assistance
  • Transfer to airport upon departure from USA
  • 7 additional hours of escort for any outings
  • All services of the package "Standard"
  • 20 additional hours of escort for any outcalls
  • 20 additional transfers in a comfortable car for all clinic appointments, childbirth, and filing
  • Housekeeper - a girl who will do all the housework, get groceries and help in any way possible during your stay in the U.S. (for 2 months)
  • Professional family photo shoot before and after the birth with the baby
  • 12 consultations with a prenatal psychologist
  • 7 consultations with a lawyer who specializes in U.S. law
  • Leisure and travel arrangements, tour booking

Make a gift of visa-free travel for your child to over 170 countries, including EU countries, the UK, UAE, and Japan

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Choosing iWorld means:

  • Full support at all stages Our specialists support you from the first consultation to the processing of your child's application for Canadian citizenship.
  • Strict confidentiality Your personal information is protected from disclosure to third parties.
  • Support in adapting We will help you adapt to Canada as quickly as possible.

You can pay for the services of our company in any way convenient for you

  • visa mastercard
    Visa and Mastercard bank cards
  • bank
    Bank transfer to the company's account
  • payoneer stripe
    Payoneer or Stripe payment systems
  • bitcoin
    Any cryptocurrency, preserving confidentiality

Partner with iWorld and take your business to the next level!

  • No admission fee
  • No royalty
  • The most popular immigration programs
  • Marketing and advertising support
  • Professional consulting at all stages of partnership

Media about iWorld

iWorld activities are covered both by the authoritative international media and by experts in the field of immigration.

FAQs about childbirth in the U.S.

This section contains answers to frequently asked questions about childbirth in the U.S.

It is best to plan your flight in the 6th or 7th month of your pregnancy so that when you arrive in the United States you have enough time to prepare for the birth.

If you have decided not to apply for residency or citizenship status, you will need a valid passport, and a B1/B2 "Tourism/Medical Treatment" visa. You will need to fill out form DS-160 and provide paystub, bank statement, doctor's invitation, and documents from the clinic in Miami to obtain permission to enter.

U.S. medicine is notable for its high level of quality. Miami clinics are considered some of the best in the country, so there is no fundamental difference in the level of care between them.

Parents can obtain citizenship when their child born in the U.S. turns 21.

Each particular hospital in Miami sets its own rules for childbirth. Some birthing rooms welcome the presence of third parties, while others allow them with restrictions.

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