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The UK has accepted 5.6 million applications under the Settlement Scheme program

June 27, 2021

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UK accepted 5.6 million Settlement applications

Today, the post-Brexit (the United Kingdom's exit from the EU) settlement scheme is in effect in Great Britain. As part of this process, the country's government accepted over 5.6 million applications from EU citizens, who live and work in the state. As a reminder, the application deadline is June 30.

In June 2021, the Home Office of the United Kingdom reported, that as of May 31 authorities had accepted 5.61 million applications with 5.27 million of them have already been processed. It means that there are still thousands of applications for immigration services of the country to be checked.

Most applications have been received from England (over 5 040 800). Scotland takes second place (276,600), Wales (92,700) holds the third, followed by Northern Ireland (92,000) taking the fourth position in the ranking. 52% of applicants received positive responses from the government, and 43% of applicants were awarded pre-settled status. By the end of Spring, 2% of the applications (that is about 94,000) remained rejected.

The largest number of applications was submitted by citizens of:

  • Poland (975,180);
  • Romania (918,270);
  • Italy (500,550);
  • Portugal (376,440);
  • Spain (320,850).

The highest number of approved applications is registered among the Polish - 77%. The lowest rates belong to citizens of Romania (33%) and Croatia (27%). The UK Home Office has encountered a huge number of pending applications from expats as part of the EU settlement program. Thus, on June 22, the Home Office reported: as of April 30, the number of such applications reached 205,875. Of these, 114,600 were considered within 1 to 3 months of submission. For 80,055 other applications this period was 3-6 months, and for another 6,755 - more than a year. The application deadline  for processing of the above-mentioned immigration program is June 30. The government expects to receive further thousands of applications in the last few days.

UK settled and pre-settled status

The settled or pre-settled status will not be granted to foreign nationals living in the UK, if they do not have time to make an application by 30 June. In this case, the right of citizens of other countries to stay in the territory of the United Kingdom will be questioned.

The British authorities are ready to offer permanent residency to EU citizens, who have continuously lived in the state for at least 5 years. The status of "pre-settled" will be given to foreigners, who have arrived in the country since December 30, 2020. This category of citizens will be allowed by the government to obtain permanent residence, but after 5 years.

Those Europeans, who have lived in the UK until December 31, 2020, and remain in the state now, may apply for pre-settled status. But this right is not available to immigrants, who left the UK for a period of 6 months or more during the last year.

Both statuses give foreign nationals the opportunity to work in any organization in the United Kingdom, study at universities, travel across the country and leave the country without restrictions. These immigrants have access to free health care through the NHS and are entitled to government benefits, including pensions.

Permanent residence permit holders have the added benefit of retaining permanent residence status, even if they have lived outside the Kingdom for 5 straight years. Moreover, children of residents are automatically granted British citizenship.

The future for the British living in the European Union

The UK authorities oblige emigrants from Europe to apply for the EU settlement scheme. At the same time, citizens of the United Kingdom, residing in the states of the European Union until 2020 for 5 years, are allowed to continue their permanent resident status. These are Malta, Greece, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and France.

If the British do not have permanent residence, they need to settle the issue of residence by contacting the authorities in the host states. Residents should find out whether their residence permit will remain valid under the different categories of residence rights (for students, employees, pensioners, etc.).

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