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The UAE offers new visa options to stay competitive


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UAE offers new visa options to stay competitive

The United Arab Emirates has changed the conditions for obtaining residence permits and 10 types of visas. Now it will be easier to obtain permits for long-term visits to the country. According to state officials, the updated policy will help to maintain the competitiveness of the UAE in tourism, economy and education. The innovations were approved by the ruler of Dubai. Information about the changes first appeared in April 2022, and on October 3 of the same year they came into force.

One of the innovations - Green Visa

Green visa is valid for 5 years and eliminates the need for applicants to seek sponsorship from UAE citizens or companies. Freelancers and self-employed persons can obtain this type of visa. Mandatory requirement is an annual income of at least 98,000 USD and proof of its availability.

Also, investors in commercial businesses and skilled professionals can apply for a green visa. In accordance with UAE immigration policy, the category of the latter includes those with employment contracts and working as equipment operators, as well as those involved in the field of science, agriculture, construction. Permits for business investors are valid for 2 years.

The advantages of the Green Visa over the regular resident visa is that it is easier to obtain permits for additional applicants (spouse, children, parents). Unmarried daughters of any age can join the applicant. Adult sons under 25 years old can be sponsored by their parents, who are the primary visa holders, to obtain a permit.

Golden Visa transformation

The conditions for obtaining the Golden Visa have also changed - now it is possible to extend its validity for up to 10 years. The permit can be obtained by investors, persons with exceptional abilities in the field of art, sports and digital technology, scientists, university students, workers of humanitarian organizations, as well as persons assisting in crisis situations (e.g. in a pandemic). In addition, it is worth mentioning the following current entry permits to the UAE:

  • Property owners and pensioners, as earlier, can apply for a residence permit.
  • Tourist visas are now valid for 60 days instead of 30 days.
  • There is also a multi-entry five-year visa, which allows you to stay in the UAE for up to 90 days during a single visit.

The upcoming increase in visas to the United Arab Emirates, and Dubai in particular, is confirmed by Samir Vayalil, director of business development at the office of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Faisal Al Qassimi and an employee of Company in Dubai. He also claims that after innovations aimed at recovering from the pandemic, the city is again increasing in popularity in the context of tourism, trade and opening new businesses.

The purpose of increasing the number of visas is to preserve the UAE's competitiveness

According to Vayalil, there is competition in the global market, but the Emirates remain attractive to foreigners. The reason for this is the country's reliability and security, as well as its reputation as a tax haven.

Harish Chander, a real estate consultant at Kennedy Property in Abu Dhabi, also suggested an increase in interest in the UAE after the change in the conditions of the visa program. He works with Emirati real estate developers, Golden Visa applicants and hospitality industry representatives. Chander says, it will now be easier for skilled professionals making $8,100 a month to get a visa with a 10-year validity period. He says international investors remain attracted to Dubai because of its safe and secure environment, low taxes, advanced banking system, comfortable transport links and quality medical services.

Source: Uglobal

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