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UAE introduces Green Visa for investors and businessmen

November 30, 2021

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A state building with UAE flags that introduces the Green Visa

The UAE announced the introduction of a new route for wealthy and talented migrants from different countries. Entrepreneurs, investors and highly qualified specialists will be able to obtain an entry permit called Green Visa. The visa will allow foreigners to live and work in the Emirates without the involvement of local sponsors and management companies, as it was before.

New migration opportunities for students and freelancers

Official UAE news agencies report that foreigners who qualify for the new visa will be able to apply for the status of resident without the support of local sponsors. In fact, this means that migrants will become sponsors for themselves.

In addition to entrepreneurs and professionals, talented students and graduates will be able to apply for a Green Visa. Freelancers, specializing in artificial intelligence, blockchain and digital currencies, will also be eligible for the visa.

Changes in the Golden Visa Program

The UAE has announced its intention to expand the list of foreign specialists who can apply for the Golden visa for long-term residence. Now, not only CEOs and managers, but also specialists in education, healthcare, business management, science and technology can apply for this visa.

Recently, the UAE government has announced that doctors and their families, as well as talented programmers who meet the state initiative "National Program for programmers" will have grounds for obtaining a Golden visa.

Foreign businessmen will be able to extend their stay in the UAE

The government of the Emirates is going to increase the validity period of visas for business trips of foreign businessmen for up to 6 months, instead of 3. Officials noted that recent visa reforms allow foreign businessmen to stay in the country for up to 180 days in case of job loss or retirement. The previous period of stay in the UAE for this category of migrants was only 30 days. In addition, the innovations allow persons under the age of 25 to stay in the country at the place of residence of their parents. Previously, this privilege was enjoyed by foreigners under the age of 18.

Reforming the UAE migration policy is dictated by specific economic circumstances. Now, the major countries of the Persian Gulf, in particular Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are taking active steps to increase their popularity among foreign investors and talented professionals. The Emirates, which in January 2020 announced amendments to the law on citizenship for foreigners, including artists, are also moving in this direction. Now, it will be much easier for outstanding professionals and artists from different countries to obtain a UAE national passport.

Source: Uglobal immigration

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