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Thailand relaxes visa controls for foreign tourists


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Таиланд упрощает визовый контроль для иностранных туристов

In July 2021, the Thai authorities relaxed visa restrictions for tourists. The period of short-term visa extensions was also increased, and vaccinated travelers from a number of countries were granted unlimited access to the state.

Phuket sandbox: opening the borders for tourists

On July 1, Thailand launched the Phuket sandbox program, which allows vaccinated foreigners from 69 countries to visit the island of Phuket. Now the borders are open to residents of the UK, the USA, Turkey, China, the Gulf States and most EU countries. In this case, foreign guests are exempt from the obligation to undergo a two-week quarantine under special conditions.

However, tourists must stay on the island for 14 days, and only at the end of this period they will be allowed to go to other regions of Southeast Asia. Before and after arrival, travelers must pass a COVID test. Foreigners can visit Phuket on a short-term tourist visa valid for up to 90 days, or on a long-term Thai Elite visa, entitling its holder to remain in Thailand for up to 20 years.

Requirements for foreign guests in Thailand

The government of Thailand has recently announced, that tourists, who failed to get back home due to the pandemic, are allowed to extend their stay for another 60 days – up till the September 27, instead of July 27. Unvaccinated tourists are allowed to go to Phuket, but they need to self-isolate for 14 days, meet additional government requirements and pay for the quarantine period.

In addition to passing the COVID test, visitors are required to provide a Certificate of Entry - a document issued by the Thai Embassy as proof that all necessary conditions have been met. Also, foreign visitors are required to show medical insurance, covering the cost of 100,000 USD.

The measures taken by Thailand in relation to tourists are part of a general global trend. Many countries, including Great Britain, Turkey, Portugal, have developed the best solutions to attract foreign tourists and specialists (in particular, working remotely). It is planned that such actions will help improve the economies of the states affected by the pandemic.


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