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The first marketplace of migration services has launched!


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The first marketplace of migration services has launched!

The iWorld team announces the launch of the first marketplace, that provides migration services internationally. Marketing analysis, development, testing and finally the launch of the project, which is unparalleled in the market, has been carried out for the past three years.

What is

It is a large-scale project on migration services that has become a conduit between people who want to immigrate and companies that provide services all over the world. is the evolution of the marketplace for migration services: the user of the marketplace will be able to get a comprehensive answer to their request and see as many solutions as possible. The project is also a knowledge base, where visitors can find up-to-date information about the most popular procedures and programs for relocating anywhere in the world.

The first marketplace of migration services has launched!

Main purpose of the marketplace provides clients with unlimited access to a verified database of migration companies from around the world, which is updated daily with new service providers. Marketplace users can solve one or more of their queries related to living, working, studying, traveling, investing, business, purchasing real estate, medical treatment or giving birth abroad.  Moreover, users have the security of knowing that by contacting any company listed on, they will receive a professional service.

In order to solve the migration case, you need to go to the homepage and enter the search criteria you are interested in, after which a list of suitable service providers is automatically generated and there is an opportunity to filter them by more specific criteria.

The main features of the marketplace are to make it easy for clients and service providers to interact on one website, as well as to regulate the international market for migration services and to control the security of transactions. One of the priorities of is to simplify the migration process and show people that with our marketplace it is easy and safe indeed. The high-quality work of the project's technical support service and account management department, that are ready to help both the client and the service provider in their communication with each other, makes these features possible. The iWorld team strives to systematize the migration market, performing a thorough check of each service provider, placed on the marketplace, and certifying them.

How to choose a service provider company

When choosing a company, we recommend considering several factors:

  • passing the certification procedure by the service provider company;
  • feedback from clients.

To order a service or get detailed information about the terms of cooperation with a particular service provider, it is necessary:

  • Sign up as a client.
  • Go to home page of, enter the necessary information into the fields on the first screen and click "Search".
  • Choose one or several service providers.
  • Submit a request for consultation to the selected companies by clicking the "Contact the service provider" button or after proceeding to the profile pages of their companies.
The first marketplace of migration services has launched!

Where to find information about different migration services

Furthermore, users of the marketplace can:

  • learn the details of current programs and procedures to obtain citizenship, permanent residence permit, residence permit and visas in the expert blog provided by the lawyers of;
  • stay informed about current changes in migration programs of different countries in the "News" section;
  • read about real cases of solving complex immigration issues by the companies, placed on the marketplace.

The iWorld team aims to make the world a better place by giving people the opportunity to simply, safely and legally make their dream come true and choose the place where they want to live.

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