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Southeast and EU countries take the lead in the new passport ranking

February 10, 2022

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Countries of the South-East and the European Union are in the lead in the new rating of passports

Southeastern and EU countries are once again leading the passport rankings. Although high positions help a country's brand, the investment immigration industry indicates that political stability and a safe investment environment are still core to attracting investors.

Positions of countries in the world ranking of passports

Japan and Singapore share first place, according to a new Henley Passport Index report, which is based on data from the International Air Transport Association. The passport holders of both countries are able to visit 192 countries without a visa. Second place went to Germany and South Korea with 190 visa-free destinations.

Passports of most European Union countries have a high index: Spain, Italy and Luxembourg share the third place (189 visa-free destinations), the fourth - Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Denmark and Austria (188), the fifth - Portugal and Ireland (187). Sixth place went to Belgium, Norway, Switzerland, the United States, Britain and New Zealand. Seventh place went to Australia, Canada, Greece, Malta and the Czech Republic. Poland and Hungary were ranked eighth, Lithuania and Slovakia - ninth, and Latvia and Slovenia - tenth.

Despite the fact that Cyprus closed its investment citizenship program, the country takes 14th place on the list. Among countries in the Middle East, the UAE leads (15th place), Israel is 24th, Turkey is 50th, and Qatar is 53rd. In the Caribbean, the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis is in 25th place (157 visa-free destinations), Antigua and Barbuda - 30th position, St. Lucia - 31st, Dominica and Grenada shared 33rd place. The top 50 also includes Panama (34th place) and Vanuatu (36th).

Does a high position in the passport ranking help to attract investors

Italian immigration lawyer LCA Studio Legale Alessia Ajelli, said that a powerful passport is one of the factors that attracts foreign investors. The lawyer believes that the high ranking of the Italian passport is a factor that, among others, helps to attract business and investment, although Italy is already well known worldwide.

It is not only a powerful Italian passport, but also the state policy, formed over the years, which helps to attract investments. As Alessia says, in recent years the Italian government has taken a number of measures aimed at increasing the interest of foreign entrepreneurs and investors and attracting them to the country. These are fixed tax regulations and changes in the conditions for issuing visas to investors, aimed at making the process easier.

The need for sound economic and social policies

According to German immigration lawyer Said Jaberi Jaberi Lawyer, the country's ranking depends on several factors. He is convinced that Germany's high position in world rankings is the result of sound economic and social policies. Jaberi believes the reason why countries like Germany attract investors is the strong economy and safe investment environment.

Germany is the third-largest exporting country after China and the U.S., before which it was the leader for six years. According to Jaberi, attracting a large number of investors and giving privileges to German passport holders not only boosts the labor market but also strengthens the country's economy.

German investment immigration lawyer Aikut Elseven pointed to other key factors for attracting investment: the global network and infrastructure. In his opinion, the strength of a German passport is hardly a decisive factor for entrepreneurs and investors to move to Germany. Legal migration opportunities have a big impact on the country's attractiveness. Elseven also emphasized political stability as the most important factor that helps the country to strengthen its position in the world rankings.

Passport rating as a gauge of a country's link to the rest of the world

Japanese immigration lawyer Masahito Nakai, managing partner of Nakai Immigration Services LPC, is convinced that Japan's first-place ranking is one piece of evidence that the country maintains good relations with other nations around the world. He also added that a strong passport opens doors not only for business, but also for tourism, allowing not to waste money and time on obtaining entry visas.

Source: Uglobal

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