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Golden Visa program results of 2021 in 5 charts


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Golden Visa program results of 2021 in charts

During 2021, the Golden Visa reached its previous level of popularity in some European countries after the legitimate crisis of 2020. A significant increase in demand for immigration by investment programs has been witnessed among affluent Americans. At the same time, typically active investors from China are showing declining interest in the European residence permit. Below are 5 charts, which characterize the state of the Golden Visa program of different countries in 2021.

The first billion is the hardest

Nowadays, immigration programs, which are already operating in six European countries, have brought more than 1 billion investments. Ireland has also joined the number of countries offering residence permit by investment. One of the most successful investment programs in 2021 was the British Investor Visa, which added more than 10 billion euros to the treasury of the United Kingdom. The Portuguese Golden Visa has brought more than 6 billion euros to the national economy, and the Greek one may raise 3 billion euros by the end of 2021 (provided that the average investment amount is at least 300,000 euros).

Interest of Americans in the European residence permit

The increase in the interest of Americans in investment immigration, which first became noticeable in 2020, continued in 2021. The latest data obtained on the Golden Visas of Portugal, Greece and the United Kingdom show an increase in applications from the United States. The demand of U.S. investors for Greek residence permits has increased tenfold.

The Chinese have dropped their activity

Against the backdrop of an increased flow of applications for Golden Visas from Americans in 2020 and 2021, Chinese demand for European residence has been volatile since the beginning of the pandemic. In many investment programs (for most of which we could not collect complete data), the share of Chinese applicants from the total number has dropped. The results for three of the four European gold visas with the highest investment entry threshold were mixed.

Closed borders, closed programs

Some programs require applicants to be physically present in order to approve visa requests. This is the case with investment visas in New Zealand, for example, whose closed borders have left hundreds of applicants out of action and led to the virtual suspension of the program since the pandemic began.

Investments in the Portugal fund are up

Investing in a fund in Portugal remained at the peak of popularity among Golden Visa applicants in 2021. A combination of three factors contributed to it - lack of opportunities to view properties, good investor awareness of investment alternatives and tax benefits when investing in a fund. This tendency is expected to continue in 2022, when the new Portuguese Golden Visa rules come into effect, excluding residential properties located in popular regions of the country from the program.

Source: Imidaily

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