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Investment immigration has become a trillion-dollar industry

May 25, 2021

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The global RCBI industry has shown truly explosive growth in recent years. The turnover of this industry is no longer billions but trillions of dollars. Governments of different countries are launching interesting investment programs that attract wealthy people from all over the world. For example, in the island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis, the RCBI industry has become a real driver of the local economy.

The development of the investment field has been greatly facilitated by the increasing number of wealthy people, who are looking for new options to protect their assets, including immigration. Closed off from outside economic and political influences, island jurisdictions are the best fit for those concerned about their future. In addition, second citizenship increases mobility, provides access to emerging markets and allows visa-free travel to more than 100 countries.

"Investing in order to obtain temporary or permanent residence is becoming quite common. Rather weak economies in exotic countries are actively using their position to supplement national budgets," said Said Jaberi, head of the well-known law firm Jaberi Lawyer.

On the other hand, developed countries are also increasing their investment potential at the expense of reliable capital investors. Germany, for example, positions itself as a country of ideas, taking care to maintain a liberal economic climate for investors-innovators.

There are many startups in Berlin, and the number of enthusiasts, willing to invest in risky businesses, is increasing every year. The German economy is also growing due to this increase, and the country's culture is becoming global. By the way, in March 2020, Germany reviewed its immigration law and simplified entry conditions for professionals with academic degrees and skilled workers.

Said Jaberi believes that the most significant contribution to any country's GDP is direct investment. "In a global society, it is easier to build mutually beneficial relations, including investment relations. However, the global market is not only about financial ties, but also about cultural and political influences," the lawyer added.

It's really hard to imagine a global world without a variety of options for investment and business immigration. In this world, there is a free mobility of specialists from different fields, the digitalization of all processes is increasing, and the number of immigrant workers is growing. The RCBI industry is a fairly young area of immigration services market development, and according to experts, it has a great future.

Source: UGlobal


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