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New Zealand wants to increase the inflow of migrant investors


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The New Zealand authorities have officially announced that a special commission will review the immigration policy in relation to people entering the country to work. In particular, the government is going to assess the possibility of a visa for highly skilled professionals, as well as to make suggestions on increasing the influx of migrant investors.

Improving labor immigration

"The Immigration Policy Study will enable New Zealand to significantly improve the position it already has. A number of areas will be reviewed: labor immigration, real estate and social infrastructure, ecology and the environment," said Grant Robertson, Deputy Prime Minister.

The commission is responsible for examining the impact of net migration growth on the housing market, social cohesion, the environment, GDP growth and exchange rates. In addition, the commission will assess how well the country is coping with the labor shortage, as well as conclude whether the real skills of migrants match the capabilities of the New Zealand labor market.

Investment-based immigration will interest the commission in terms of attracting immigrant investors and maximizing their skills potential to develop the nation's economy. This includes creating new businesses and optimizing New Zealand's access to high-income industries.

Other important points

Other things, that the commission will focus on, include whether low-skilled domestic workers are actually being forced out of the market by migrant workers. Student visas, as a way of obtaining New Zealand residence, will also be considered. The productivity commission will have until April 30, 2022 to present its findings.

“The commission is focused on engaging with Pacific communities and Māori communities, immigrant and ethnic groups, as well as relevant government bodies, trade unions and other targeted partners,” said Ganesh Nana, a spokesperson for the commission, in his statement.

Source: UGlobal

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