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New type of residence permit in Malta for remote workers

June 2, 2021

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New type of residence permit in Malta for remote workers

Malta has launched another visa program - Nomad Residence Permit Malta, for remote workers (so-called digital nomads). The new type of residence permit allows foreigners to stay in the country for up to 1 year, provided they meet the requirements of the immigration program.

Similar visa procedures are carried out in other countries: Great Britain, Australia and Romania. The launch of similar programs ensures the recruitment of employees, who can work from anywhere in the world. According to some estimates, the number of freelancers in the world reaches about 4.3 million people.

Alex Muscat, parliamentary undersecretary for citizenship, tweeted that there is a demand for remote workers in Malta. Workers, who are willing to travel and explore new countries, can find employment in Malta as freelancers.

According to media reports, the island nation's authorities praise the contribution of "digital nomads" to the local economy. The country's leadership believes that the work of one such specialist is equivalent, in terms of money, to the daily expenses of 260 tourists.

Under what conditions can digital nomads get a residence permit in Malta?

Residency Malta agency provided data, according to which the citizens of third countries, that are not members of the European Union, can obtain a residence permit for digital nomads. Applicants must present their employment contracts, which confirm the official employment of freelancers in foreign firms.

Apply for this type of residence permit can partners and shareholders of foreign companies, as well as freelancers and consultants, whose clients are not in Malta. Either way, the minimum salary of candidates must be at least €2,700 per month (as required by Maltese law). The salary threshold will increase if the immigrant intends to reside in the country with family members, for example, a spouse.

Applicants for Nomad Residence Permit Malta are required to submit valid health insurance, contract of sale or lease of home and pass a background check in order to get their dossier. The Maltese government will allow the necessary time to prepare the required documents for those freelancers, who have applied from other countries. Foreigners can stay in the island state to collect documents on a national visa valid for 180 days.

If a remote worker wishes to stay in Malta for a longer period of time, he/she has the right to apply for a residence permit for the same period of time. A resident can stay in the state for one year, at the end of which they will have the opportunity to extend their residence permit.

Source: UGlobal

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