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Montenegro - a promising country for second citizenship applicants


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Montenegro - a promising country for second citizenship applicants

A second passport has long been the privilege of wealthy or famous people. Today it allows us to lead a truly free life and always have a backup plan in case of political or economic crises in the country of primary residence.

The importance of freedom of movement was felt during the aggravation of the pandemic situation around the world. This is why many avid travellers decided to get a second passport.

Dual citizenship pathway

There are several ways to obtain a second passport, but the most popular is to obtain citizenship by investment. This immigration route is offered by Montenegro, among other countries. The updated Montenegrin program of citizenship by investment has been in effect since January 1, 2019. For participation, it is necessary to invest at least 450 000 EUR in the real estate approved by the government, as well as to contribute 100 000 EUR each to the Innovation Fund and the Development Fund of the Government of Montenegro.

One of the suitable options for real estate, buying which you can become a Montenegrin citizen, is an apartment complex Boka Place, located on the territory of Porto Montenegro. Luxury Boka Place community was designed for permanent residence, leisure on yachts, luxury shopping and other entertainment. There are restaurants, stores and recreation areas on the territory of the complex.

The complex is located in an area with a well-developed infrastructure that includes an international school, a medical clinic, business centers and airports less than a 10-minute drive from Boka Place.

Montenegro is a promising country for a second citizenship for real estate

The unique SIRO hotel, owned by the renowned hotel brand Kerzner International (One & Only Resorts, Atlantis), is at the heart of the upscale village and is ideal for health-conscious travelers. SIRO offers 144 bright and spacious residences with an open floor plan. Moreover, by purchasing these apartments the investor has the right to apply for Montenegrin citizenship. The demand for apartments in SIRO is growing rapidly.

Porto Montenegro is an ideal place for sea lovers, located on the coast of the Boka Kotor Bay and belongs to one of the most popular tourist resorts in the Adriatic. A wide variety of recreational activities are available here, including yachting, mountain biking, hiking, mountain trail running, and a whole lot more.

Boka Place is a new neighborhood with a lot of potential as its properties are great for investment, long-term rentals and sales. Prices for the high-end residences in the complex are sure to rise. However, in addition to the obvious financial benefits, Boka Place apartment owners will become part of a unique international community.

Upgrading the quality of life with Montenegrin citizenship

Montenegrin citizenship has many different advantages. One can safely reside in this country and successfully conduct business. Investors who become Montenegrin citizens can enjoy pristine landscapes, picturesque nature, as well as pure water and air.

Visa-free travel

Montenegrin passport is ranked 45th in the Henley Passport Index 2022 Q2. With this document you can enter any of 123 countries, including Schengen countries, Russia and Turkey, without a visa or with a visa on arrival. The advantage of citizenship of Montenegro is that the country is scheduled to join the European Union in 2025.

Low taxes and inexpensive living

The cost of living in Montenegro is significantly lower than in many Western European countries. Montenegrin taxes on personal and corporate capital gains are notable for moderate rates. Thanks to treaties with more than 40 countries, living in this jurisdiction as a citizen allows you to avoid double taxation.

A solid ground for business

Montenegro is a reliable base for both large and small businesses, as well as a place where foreign entrepreneurs can quickly register their company. At the same time, the authorities of the country do not impose restrictions on the exchange of foreign currency and the transfer of profits from business abroad. Enterprises engaged in import-export in Montenegro enter free trade zones, which gives them the right not to pay VAT and customs duties.

A safe and supportive lifestyle

Montenegro will provide a safe living environment for both the investor and their family members. Immigrants will have full access to the natural and cultural wealth of this Balkan country. Montenegro is hospitable because of its multilingual culture and friendly society.

The ideal place to move

Montenegro is an economically and culturally developed country. Anyone who chooses a healthy lifestyle will be ideally suited to the spectacular scenery, fantastic Mediterranean climate and clean air of Montenegro. The proximity to the EU countries allows you to reach any European capital in 2-3 hours by plane from the major Montenegrin cities. With all of these factors, Montenegro is a comfortable place to live permanently.

Citizenship for the entire family

All dependent family members of the investor also have the right to obtain a Montenegrin passport. At the same time, they do not have to give up their main citizenship. Children of immigrants have the right to attend kindergartens and schools in Montenegro, and the elderly have access to public health care and the system of social benefits.

Fast and easy application processing

The processing time for applications for the Montenegrin citizenship by investment program is no more than 6 months since the submission of the documents. The investor has the right to apply for the program remotely, without being interviewed for the language or history of the country.

It is important nowadays to be able to change your place of residence at any time. A second passport is a kind of insurance policy, which guarantees us protection, confidentiality, and freedom.

Source: Investment Migration Insider

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