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“The War for Talent”: Developed Countries Need Skilled Personnel from Around the World


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The pandemic changed perceptions of immigration in many ways. Suddenly, there were severe restrictions that made it difficult to move from country to country. At the same time, tourist and business activity did not stop, but took new forms. The issue of obtaining a temporary residence permit, permanent residence permit and dual citizenship became relevant for many.

Labor migration in times of pandemic

Marco Mazzeschi, the founder and director of the Italian company Mazzeschi S.R.L, which provides services in the field of immigration, says that a real "war for talent" will soon break out in the world. The fact is that even now some large companies are short of qualified personnel. Therefore, one of the highest priorities today is the issue of legalization of migrant workers in the states that provide the work.

"I have a positive spirit. I am sure that when the pandemic subsides, everything will go back to normal. Many states now have strict immigration policies, so there is a demand for easier legalization of foreigners who are willing to bring their skills and talents to business," said Mazzeschi regarding the situation in his business niche.

Problems become opportunities

Obviously, before the pandemic, the market was more mobile and turbulent. COVID-19 changed the rules of the game, reducing the number of contacts between people, including business contacts. It became more difficult to organize business meetings, hold seminars and conferences, and make deals offline. Migration companies are now trying to offer new, more flexible, relocation formats, so that businessmen and tourists would not feel disadvantaged.

Marco Mazzeschi believes that nowadays it is important for the mobile part of the world population to have a second passport or permanent resident status.

The expert cites as an example the situation with obtaining residence in Italy. This country has created the most comfortable conditions for investors wishing to apply for a residence permit program "Golden Visa". The threshold of investment has been reduced by the authorities from 1000000 EUR to 500000 EUR. In addition, the Italian government has offered foreign investors a facilitated taxation. A local Start-up Visa has also aroused keen interest among young entrepreneurs from EU countries; a detailed business plan and the same 500000 EUR are enough to obtain it.

Do we need "covid passports"?

There are still debates on passports for vaccinated citizens in the EU board. At this stage, it is necessary to agree on criteria that would allow such passports to be issued to Europeans and migrants from other countries interested in the EU labor market. There are not only legal, but also purely biological problems of issuing so-called "covid passports". The fact is that epidemiologists cannot say for sure whether those vaccinated are 100% protected against the virus or whether the possibility of recurrent disease persists.

"There are a lot of challenging issues in the passport situation for the vaccinated. Personally, I am concerned about the ethical and legal aspects of anti-vaccination. How will society treat people who don't get them? Will such people be allowed on airplanes? Will they be allowed to cross the borders of states that have introduced compulsory vaccination? These and other questions have yet to be answered by society," Mazzeschi said.

Maintaining global mobility

The mass mobility of people from one country to another must be preserved. Only in this way will the global economy be able to develop normally and not lose the ground gained in the years following the global financial crisis. An important task is to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences, as well as the other restrictions imposed today on the most active part of the world's population.

Marco Mazzeschi shares his vision of the future of global migration processes: "There will always be a demand for mass movements of people. Despite pandemics and the rapid development of digital technology, people will not give up their right to travel and travel for business. Therefore, I am sure that the value of temporary residence permits, permanent residence permits and dual citizenships will only increase over the years. I believe that the governments of the most developed countries need to move away from such secluded behavior. It is more important now to create the most comfortable conditions for migrants who want to live, work, do business and receive education in other countries. The beginning of the 'war for talent' is just around the corner!

Source: UGlobal

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