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New British visas for businessmen and international talents

May 25, 2021

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The U.K. has recently revealed plans to introduce new visa destinations to bring in global business and talent. The changes are to take effect in 2022 and will be used alongside previous immigration schemes approved in 2020.

The new visa designation was detailed in a 138-page document, released by the British Home Office on May 24, 2021. The new visa policy will certainly be a reflection of the UK leadership's immigration plans after economic dissociation from the EU.

Entry documents for the talented specialists

In 2022, the British government is expected to offer additional visas for highly skilled professionals from different countries to immigrate. With the additional grounds for immigration, creative professionals will no longer have to search for employers and sponsors. The skilled foreigners will now only need to have a simple invitation for employment in order to be allowed to cross the border.

The introduction of new entry permits will be in addition to existing visas in the Global Talent category, which the authorities announced in 2020. A highly qualified professional will no longer be dependent on any single employer. In fact, last month, entry permits relating to the Global Talent allowed talented foreign professionals to enter the country without applications and approval from the British Home Office.

Global Business Mobility Visas

The British government also plans to launch Global Business Mobility program by the spring of 2022, aimed at bringing to the country those, who are ready to do global business with a local workforce.

It is assumed that global business immigration will be stimulated by simplified registration of subsidiaries and branches, greater freedom of personnel policy and streamlined import/export processes. In addition, the UK intends to actively work with the Innovator immigration destination, which was created specifically for overseas business start-ups.

Visa options for students, investors and refugees

In the government document, concerning immigration, other visa options, not directly related to world business, were also considered. These were international athletes, entering the country using the T2 Sportsperson, Sporting Worker, and T5 Creative immigration pathways. The Graduate route was opened for international students in March 2020 and the applications are to begin in July. The Graduate will allow students to seek work within the UK for a period of 3 years.

A visa route for temporary workers, who are EEA nationals, and a new immigration relationship with the European Union, including refugee issues, are also mentioned in the government documents.

Priti Patel, an activist reformer, who serves as Britain's Home Secretary, issued a statement, saying that her actions eliminate the mistakes in the United Kingdom's immigration policy. The minister hinted that Britain could become one of the most exclusive countries in terms of immigration in the coming years: "The claim that Britain will be home to everyone who comes here is pure fiction. Our attention will continue to be focused on highly qualified overseas professionals. We will also introduce individual immigration options for students, academics, investors and entrepreneurs.

Source: UGlobal

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