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Germany plans to revise its citizenship law in 2022


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Germany plans revision of citizenship law in 2022

According to leading immigration experts, the new German coalition government plans to revise the citizenship law. It is assumed that in 2022, residents will be allowed to obtain German citizenship in 3 years.

German lawyer Aykut Elseven, who is a founding partner of Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, said the recent coalition agreement in Germany will pave the way for a more liberal immigration policy, which should improve the prospects of foreign investors and entrepreneurs in this country.

The law on citizenship will change in 2022

The German government is now undergoing an important transition after the general elections in September. The conservative CDU/CSU, long led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, lost to Germany's first three-party coalition government. The new coalition to be created soon will include the center-left Social Democrats (SDP), the Green Party, and the neoliberal Free Democratic Party (FDP). In late November, the parties of the coalition government announced that they had agreed to a wide range of reforms, including sweeping changes to the country's citizenship law, which was based on outdated notions of descent by blood.

Aykut Elseven said that Germany still has a long way to go before there are changes to the citizenship law, which he predicts will not be implemented until 2022. "The founding session of the parliament (Bundestag) has already taken place after the elections in September. A draft agreement between the new coalition parties has also been published. However, the parties are currently conducting an internal vote on it, so the final conclusion of the coalition agreement is still to come. Until it is concluded, no bills based on it will be introduced in the Bundestag. Therefore, changes to the German citizenship law can be expected no earlier than next year," Elseven commented on the situation.

German citizenship in 3 years

One of the main innovations expected in the citizenship law is the right for all foreign residents to obtain citizenship in 3 years. Previously, the naturalization process took up to 10 years. In addition, the possibility of obtaining dual citizenship status and the issuance of German passports to children of foreign residents without delay is also being considered.

"The draft coalition agreement provides for the creation of a "modern" citizenship law. The processes of obtaining dual citizenship and registration of a German passport should be simplified. According to the draft agreement, naturalization will be available after 5 years of residence in Germany, and with special integration achievements - after 3 years of stay in Germany," Elseven said.

"What exactly is meant by the term 'special integration achievements' is not specified in the draft agreement. Obtaining a residence permit should be available to a resident after 3 years. Children born in Germany to foreign parents will become German citizens from the moment they are born, if one of their parents has been legally resident in Germany for 5 years. But keep in mind that these bills have not been approved yet, but only declarations of intent," Elseven said.

Greater opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors

"It is not clear from the draft agreement whether it is now possible to obtain a residence permit or citizenship solely through investment. However, investors and entrepreneurs already have the opportunity to start a business in Germany, according to current legislation, and to apply for a residence permit - for example, on the basis of self-employment," Elseven said.

Although the draft coalition agreement does not specifically mention any incentives for foreign investors and entrepreneurs, Elseven said that the new coalition will give them more opportunities. "The government is expected to have a liberal policy toward immigrants. Investors and entrepreneurs are likely to get more business opportunities in Germany. We can only wait," added Aykut Elseven.


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