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Foreign doctors can apply for a «golden» visa in the UAE

August 7, 2021

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Foreign doctors can apply for a golden visa in the UAE

Authorities in the United Arab Emirates have announced that a "golden visa" residence program is now available for all foreign doctors and their families. This step was taken by the local government in order to attract more professionals to the healthcare industry from all over the world. Authorities state that doctors who reside in the Emirates can apply for a Golden Visa. Under the terms of this immigration stream, the main applicant and his family members will receive a 10-year residence permit in the country.

Residence permits for foreign doctors

According to data, provided by the government to the state agency Emirates News Agency, applications for residence permits will be accepted since July 2021 to September 2022 through the website However, applicants for the "golden" visa are required to be licensed by UAE healthcare regulators in order to participate in the program.

For many decades, the UAE government has built its economic system, relying on foreign labor. In the era of the pandemic, the state is still taking all necessary steps to attract talent from all over the world to the country.

More opportunities under the residence program

Recently, the authorities of the United Arab Emirates have launched a new immigration national program to provide Golden Visa for talented programmers. It is assumed, that such an offer will interest about 100,000 professionals - both residents and non-residents of the state.

In early 2020, the UAE authorities also announced amendments to the law on citizenship. According to the new conditions, foreign investors, leading foreign specialists and outstanding artists can apply for the country's passport.

Oman and Qatar: new perspectives on immigration

It is noteworthy, that other Gulf states have taken steps in recent years to diversify the oil and gas industry. Such measures were necessary because of the pandemic. Last June, for example, the government of Oman launched a residency by investment program that allows foreign nationals to reside in the state for up to 10 years, if they buy real estate or make an investment in a commercial enterprise.

Last year, Qatar first passed a bill granting immigrants a residence permit through the purchase of real estate. Later, the city of Lusaila launched a service to help foreigners who want to obtain long-term residency, as well as easier and faster purchase real estate in the region.

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