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The first international immigration marketplace has created its own NFT collection

April 11, 2022

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The first international immigration marketplace has created its own NFT collection

The international marketplace has registered its first ever brand ID in the form of a collection of NFT-illustrations. Each one is a unique digital image that can be purchased or given as a gift. Non-interchangeable digital assets of this kind are extremely popular on the market today - they are in high demand among collectors, gamers and art lovers.

What are NFTs and how to use them

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens (analogous to securities in the digital sphere). The tokens exist in a blockchain, a special database stored simultaneously on multiple computers. They are a kind of digital asset that can be interchangeable (like cryptocurrencies) or non-interchangeable, meaning that they exist in a single, unique instance. The blockchain stores information about each NFT, its author and each of its owners.

Nowadays, any unique digital product - music, images, text, video - can be turned into an NFT. Such assets become a kind of artifacts that can be purchased at auctions or received as gifts. A non-interchangeable token cannot be changed, divided, or stolen - the owner's rights to it are rigidly assigned.

What exactly has registered

The token collection features 11 images that symbolically illustrate the company's core values and mission:

The star with arrows

1. An image of a star with five rays that point to different continents and five arrows of different colors, symbolizing the peoples of the planet. The allegorical meaning of this token is unity, peace and creation. Buy

The palms

2. Palms of different colors joined in a circular motion are a symbol of world harmony, migration, travel and development. Buy

The circular arrows

3. The arrows of different colors intertwined in a circle are symbols of the close interconnection of seven continents, between which there is a non-stop exchange of people, resources and ideas. Buy

The seven-pointed star

4. The seven-pointed star is the unity of the seven continents, the blossoming flower of global creation, all sides of the world, open to each person. Buy

The moving globe

5. The moving ball of intertwined multicolored arrows symbolizes the active cooperation of the seven continents and the migration of peoples. Buy


6. The five arrows connected in a circle symbolize the constant migration of peoples, the movement of people between the continents. Buy

The world of migration

7. The arrows pointing toward each other within the circle are a symbol of migration, as well as an illustration of the willingness of people to help each other. Buy

The five-pointed star

8. Five multicolored strokes forming a figure with a five-pointed star in the center is a symbol of creation, migration, unity and rebirth. Buy

The colored starry sky

9. The sky of stars represents integration and mutual cooperation and is also the map by which travelers find their way. It is a metaphor for development and the search for new opportunities for a better life and self-fulfillment. Buy

The starry sky

10. The seven stars within the circle represent seven continents, where friendship, harmony and peace reign. Each person is free to choose a place to live on any of them. Buy

The logo of the international immigration marketplace

11. The logo of, which is a schematic image of the Earth, surrounded by a pair of intersecting meridians. Stars of the same hue are located exactly opposite the red segment of the planet, which symbolizes harmony, balancing the opposites of hot and cold tones. Buy

A gift for our customers

Some of the non-exchangeable tokens from the presented collection will be gifted to its customers:

  • The first 1,000 people who order services from partners through the marketplace will receive one of two NFTs (#9 The sky of stars or #10 The seven stars within the circle) worth 1,000 USD.
  • The customers out of the first 1,000 who record a video review of the service received will get a much more rare token with a nominal value of 10,000 USD, at their choice.

Marketplace users have a unique chance to become the owner of a rare digital asset worth 1,000 to 10,000 USD. always keeps up to date and gives new opportunities.

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