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17 EU countries will issue vaccination passports to tourists


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17 EU countries will issue vaccination passports to tourists

Nowadays, 17 European countries use vaccination passports, which causes more confidence among those, wishing to visit European states. This is how EU leaders want to develop the investment immigration field.

The European Travel Commission conducted research, according to which the approval of digital vaccines in the European Union will directly affect the attitude of Europeans to tourism. It is said, that the vaccination passport will be a significant reason for travel planning in the coming months. About 18% of residents remained uncertain about the effectiveness of EUDCC certificates.

The survey also showed that a large proportion of people would be willing to travel to Europe as of this month, if vaccinated against COVID. Among those interviewed, 51% of citizens would like to visit another European country. Spain, Italy, France, Greece and Portugal are of the greatest interest.

Another 36% of respondents expressed their intention to explore interesting places in their home country. Over 41% of residents will be happy to see tourists again. The most open to welcoming foreigners are Italians (63%), significantly affected by the epidemic of coronavirus. Spaniards have also shown enthusiasm with 55%.

It is still impossible to predict whether summer tourism contributes to the growth of investment immigration. Analysts in this field expect that the opening of the borders will encourage potential investors and applicants to consider options for relocation that would meet their needs.

The start of covid certificates issuance

In May 2021, the European Parliament and the European Council approved the COVID digital certificate. On June 1, the EU Gateway was launched. It is a catalog of national systems that are used to introduce digital passports between European states. Thanks to the e-gateway, EU member states will be able to start implementing vaccine certificates.

Currently, vaccination passports are used by 16 EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal and Spain. Iceland also joined the list. The Minister of Health of Germany notes that 5 million Digital Covid certificates have already been issued. Presumably, by July 1, all the EU countries will be ready to provide similar certificates to the travelers.

What can non-EU tourists expect?

The EU leadership has repeatedly pointed out that the purpose of vaccination passports is to allow freedom of movement. Therefore, certificates should not be regarded as a prerequisite for travelб nor should they be considered a travel document. Citizens and permanent residents of the European Union will be allowed to visit European states if the testing and quarantine conditions adhered to by a particular country are met.

EUDCC certificates will be issued free of charge to all EU residents and non-residents, who are currently in the EU. Europeans, who have been vaccinated outside their own country, will also be able to obtain a EU vaccination passport. To do so, applicants must document that the vaccination has been carried out.

EU leaders suggest that European countries provide people with certificates, regardless of the type of vaccine or its dosage. The EU authorities only use certain types of vaccination drugs. However, they do not intend to ignore other types of vaccines, approved by the World Health Organization. Note that the covid passport is intended for citizens and residents of the EU, so no one else can claim it.

Source: UGlobal

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