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Dominica's 2022 CBI program is rated the best in the world


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Dominica's 2022 CBI program is rated the best in the world

The online magazine Citizenship by investment has published the third edition of its Best CBI rankings of the top programs for citizenship by investment in 2022. The rankings are based on a point scoring system (PBS) that analyzes 38 aspects that investors take into account when choosing the most suitable program for them:

  • pricing;
  • popularity;
  • ease of application procedure;
  • availability of government bonds;
  • security level;
  • additional post-citizenship options;
  • welfare (GDP per capita);
  • passport processing time;
  • application processing time;
  • residency requirements;
  • eligibility;
  • EU citizenship;
  • E-2 visa agreement with the United States;
  • level of education;
  • level of medical coverage;
  • Human Development Index;
  • citizenship validity period;
  • availability of tax exemption system;
  • security clearance;
  • CBI transparency;
  • passport validity;
  • exemption from personal visit;
  • non-disclosure of names of program participants;
  • more favorable conditions be due to COVID-19;
  • availability of visa-free entry to China, Russia, Canada, U.S., U.K., EU and Schengen countries;
  • opportunity to include relatives (brothers, sisters, grandparents, etc.) in the application;
  • real estate prices;
  • availability of CBI electronic platform;
  • accessibility to stateless persons;
  • support at consulates outside the country;
  • availability of quotas;
  • biometric passports.

Dominica topped the list of best investment programs for issuing passports. Grenada ranked second, followed by St. Lucia. These countries ranked first in 2020 and 2021, respectively. Caribbean states have consistently remained among the leaders over the years because of the most affordable programs and citizenship benefits.

Ranking Country Number of points
1 Dominica 272
2 Grenada 262
3 Saint-Lucia 253
4 St. Kitts and Nevis 246
5 Antigua and Barbuda 244
6 Vanuatu 231
7 Malta 212
8 Bulgaria 208
9 Turkey 206
10 Montenegro 203
11 Samoa 164
12 Egypt 164
13 Jordan 156

Note: Cyprus and Moldova have terminated their citizenship-by-investment programs.

Dominica improved the CBI scheme and provided its passport with additional features. The country's top ranking was achieved by receiving the highest scores on the following items:

  • low cost and accessibility of the program for families;
  • agreement on a visa-free regime with China;
  • improved security standards for biometric passports;
  • popularity of the real estate market for hotel investments;
  • active use of CBI funds for sustainable development;
  • due diligence;
  • high level of consular support for residents who stay outside the country.

Source: Citizenship by investment

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