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Immigration system is undergoing change in Canada

January 17, 2022

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Canada is changing the immigration system

Justin Trudeau, who serves as Canada's prime minister, has introduced changes to the country's migration policy. He suggests improving the processing of immigrants' applications and exempting applicants for Canadian citizenship from state fees.

Citizenship will become easier to obtain

Trudeau outlined his position in a mandate letter to Sean Fraser, Canada's new immigration minister. The document includes an immediate algorithm for action by the Liberal-led government re-elected for a third term. In particular, the prime minister proposed that Canadian citizenship be made free for permanent residents. Trudeau called for improvements to the Global Talent Stream program through the creation of a Trusted Employer system and a simplified residence and work permit renewal process.

The premier also pushed for more permanent residence opportunities in Canada for foreigners, including students and skilled workers. Other government priorities include increasing the support for French-speaking foreigner immigration in Quebec, creating a new municipal program to address labour shortages, improving family reunification and the resettlement of 40,000 refugees from Afghanistan.

Improving Express Entry

Data from a Canadian government report showed that the federal Express Entry immigration program was not working properly during the pandemic. According to statistics, the number of people who managed to get permanent residence in Canada through Express Entry fell to its lowest level in the past three years. At the same time, the number of foreigners wishing to become permanent residents under this program remains high. For example, in 2020, out of 107,000 applications for permanent residence, only 63,923 were approved.

The majority of applicants admitted to the Express Entry program between 2018 and 2020 were already in Canada. Other applicants for permanent residence were mostly from India, Pakistan, the United States, the UAE, and Nigeria.

Source: Uglobal

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