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iWorld has changed the colors of its logo


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IWorld has changed the colors of its logo

The colors of the logo of the international migration marketplace iWorld have changed. According to the board, the new palette more accurately reflects the mission, philosophy and values of the company. The first impression of a brand is most often formed by its visuals, becoming one of the main means of brand awareness. The updated logo will highlight iWorld's values and priorities, as well as make them more straightforward and clear to potential customers and partners.

What do the colors of the letters symbolize

The letters of iWorld are in different colors, forming a harmonious and informative message:

  • red symbolizes a strong personality and brings to mind the analogy of a burning star;
  • blue symbolizes peace, safety and calm;
  • green has long been associated with eternal life and is one of the predominant colors on our planet;
  • yellow, or gold, traditionally denotes success.
IWorld has new the colors of its logo

Thus, the color scheme of the letters clearly shows that iWorld's priorities are peace and security, as well as freedom and success. The company preserves its own identity, while standing unwaveringly true to its values and mission.

Briefly about the company logo

The iWorld logo is a sketch of the Earth, encircled by the crisscrossing meridians. The ring, which symbolizes the planet, and the letters are in the same colors, indicating that the company's values are fully in line with common human priorities.

The blue meridians around the globe are an allusion to iWorld's desire to reach out to the world. Stars of the same hue are located exactly opposite the red segment of the planet, which symbolizes harmony, balancing the opposites of warm and cool shades.

The new logo palette will be a source of new inspiration for the iWorld team, as well as an effective tool for brand awareness in the minds of customers and partners.

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