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Canada announced the launch of a new permanent residency program

April 15, 2021

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The Canadian authorities announced another way to obtain permanent residency. This way will facilitate the stay of thousands of immigrant workers who are already in the territory of the state and occupy important public positions (personal support, medical services).

Marco Mendicino, Canada's immigration minister, said in a video message on April 14 that the proposed policy would affect 90000 foreigners living in the federation, including temporary workers and students from other states.

The goals of the immigration program

Such a government initiative would support more than a hundred professions, necessary to boost the Canadian economy. Mendicino said there are 50,000 temporary worker positions available, and the rest are for immigrant students.

The program will offer 20,000 temporary positions for health care workers, 30,000 for professionals in critical trades and 40,000 for international university graduates.

According to the Minister, the post-pandemic immigration program was launched because local governments want to help immigrant workers get better settled in the country where they work. The government wants to do more than just give immigrants a new document. Canadian leaders want to strengthen job security, increase career opportunities for foreigners and encourage them to settle into Canadian society.

The application process for the new policy will begin May 6, 2021, and will run until Nov. 6, or when the admission threshold for the program is reached.

Who can take advantage of the new program and under what conditions?

Applicants for the program must have at least one year of work experience or about 1,560 hours in the legally specified industries (health care - 40 positions, other areas - 90 positions). Medicaid-related occupations, that qualify for the program, include:

  • nurse;  
  • general practitioner;  
  • dentist;  
  • social worker;  
  • health policy researchers;  
  • marriage counselors. 

A variety of positions can be seen on the program list of major employment types:

  • cashier;  
  • plumber;  
  • bus driver; 
  • laborer;  
  • butcher;  
  • educator;  
  • elementary school teacher's assistant. 

Applicants must show a certain level of proficiency in English or French. Relatives of principal applicants are also eligible to participate in the program. A new way to obtain permanent residency is available for those, who reside outside the province of Quebec.

Canada's immigration policy aims to bring in 401,000 people who will become new permanent residents in 2021. The federal minister noted that the processing of incoming applications (including for family reunification) under the current procedure will be accelerated.

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