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Pavel Durov, IT specialist and businessman, became a French citizen


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IT specialist and businessman Pavel Durov became a citizen of France

The Prime Minister signed the decree, granting citizenship status to the famous IT specialist and businessman, which was published in the Official Journal of the French Republic, on August 23. According to this document, Pavel Durov, born on October 10, 1984 in the former Soviet Union, became a full citizen of France. In the column "department" of the decree of naturalization, the entrepreneur has "99", which indicates his residence outside of the Fifth Republic. To confirm this information, the Forbes magazine approached the entrepreneur.

Durov has learned French

Lawyer Dmitry Gorbunov, who is one of the partners of Rustam Kurmaev & Partners, said that, at this point, it is impossible to ascertain the exact reasons behind the decision to grant the citizenship to Durov. "I believe, that the information about the procedure of granting a French passport is hidden for reasons of confidentiality, which is quite natural," Gorbunov commented on the situation.

The lawyer noted that in some cases, for example, upon outstanding services to the French Republic, it is possible to become its citizen or a citizen of Monaco without a two-year permanent residence. "The published document shows that the billionaire has a good command of the French language, as it is a mandatory requirement when applying for a passport of a Fifth Republic citizen," said Gorbunov.

Caribbean passport holder

As a reminder, in 2017, there was a statement from Pavel Durov that he received the status of a citizen of St. Kitts and Nevis, a country in the Caribbean archipelago. The entrepreneur stressed that he received a passport of the island jurisdiction in 2013, without leaving home. "The Caribbean passport is a very useful thing. It allows you to visit EU countries and the United Kingdom without visas," explained Durov.

Back in 2018, the global media claimed that information about the legal entity of Telegram Open Network Ltd, owned by Durov, appeared on the website of the Chamber of Commerce of the United Kingdom. At the same time, the assumption was made, that the famous IT-specialist is a citizen of the United Kingdom. However, Durov called the news unreliable and noted that "almost anyone can enter their data in this registry.

Leaving the RF and the office in the UAE

The founder of the popular social network and messenger left Russia in 2014, saying that he had no intention of returning. Today, the billionaire's head office is located in the Emirate of Dubai, the UAE's most economically developed metropolis. The businessman explained his decision to immigrate to the Emirates by the absence of taxes in this jurisdiction and the relaxed requirements for foreign companies.

Source: Forbes

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