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The graduate program will open to international students on July 1, 2021


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The program is available to immigrant students with a bachelor's degree or higher, who want to work in the U.K. after graduation.

The government's newly introduced project for England graduates will be effective July 1, 2021. In this way, the United Kingdom seeks to interest the most capable international students to continue contributing to the country's economy and engage in useful social activities.

Under the Graduate Program, international students must graduate from a British institution of higher education and also meet government immigration requirements. Graduate students are allowed to look for work for 2 years after the graduation. For PhD students the time limit is 3 years.

The purpose and idea of the Graduate program

The launch of a new government project for graduates signals the intention of the British authorities to fulfill the promise of a points-based immigration system project. This program is designed to bring in talented students and employ competent professionals from other nations to sustain the British economy.

The immigration program will operate throughout the United Kingdom. The project ensures that the government initiative will benefit communities in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. In addition, promising university graduates will be able to stay in the country and find jobs.

Kevin Foster, the UK Minister for Migration, says the authorities want to keep the most outstanding graduates interested, despite the pandemic era. According to the minister, the United Kingdom is friendly to students, who aspire to succeed in business, science, art and technology.

The minister added that students who successfully graduate from top educational institutions in England will be granted a status by the local government in order to continue living, working and self-realization in Britain.

When and who can participate in the program?

Under the immigration rules, adopted on March 4, international students can apply for the program from July 1, 2021. Graduates must have a bachelor's degree or higher from a British university.

The immigration project is not sponsored. Applicants do not need to provide a work permit to become a participant in the new program. The program does not impose restrictions on the number of places available and does not impose minimum wage requirements on applicants. Graduates have the opportunity to choose employers and build a career of their choice.

What can we expect from the new immigration program?

The British government expects the launch of the Graduate program to achieve the goals outlined in the International Education Strategy. The government plans to increase the number of international students graduating from universities in England to 600,000 by 2023.

Students who were unable to come to Britain because of the pandemic will receive extended coronavirus benefits. U.K. leaders took the step because they understand the difficulties immigrants face because of international restrictions on visiting other nations.

Applicants, who began studying in the fall of 2020 now have until June 21, 2021 to enter the U.K. and become Graduate students. Those who became students in January or February 2021 are committed to remain in England until September 27, 2021.

The Graduate Program comes at a time when British authorities have announced their intentions to introduce another immigration project. This route aims to help startups and fast-growing companies to find talented people to implement new ideas on the same budget under a set of measures for highly skilled immigrant professionals. Under the terms of the program, foreign experts who are invited to join a fast-growing firm can apply for a British visa without sponsorship or other assistance.

Source: Gov.UK

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