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Residence permit in Italy by investment in real estate: a path to immigration in Europe

Alexey Nosovsky

Alexey Nosovsky

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Italian city where you can get a residence permit in Italy for real estate investments

Many citizens of post-Soviet countries dream of moving to Europe and choose Italy for immigration. The country offers a high level of economic development, a favorable climate, as well as a stable social and political environment. A major reason which attracts foreigners to Italy is the opportunity to buy or rent a property, and thus obtain a residence permit (Residenza elettiva) in the state. Another advantage of having the resident status in Italy is the right to cross the borders of Schengen countries in visa-free regime.

However, keep in mind, that the immigration process has many nuances and pitfalls, which is difficult to figure out, without the help of qualified lawyers. That is why the market has agencies, which are engaged in comprehensive support of immigration to Italy, helping to avoid unnecessary costs and mistakes in the organization of the relocation. Experienced employees of Second Home as well as Trade & Consulting sas (Live Italy) provide a wide range of real estate and immigration services, ranging from property selection to residence permit issuance. Dozens of successful client cases, listed on the websites of these companies, prove the quality of their work.

Italian real estate for investors for obtaining a residence permit in Italy

In the cases of "Second Home" company and Trade & Consulting sas (Live Italy) are described the real stories of clients, who have received high-quality legal services, successfully purchased property in one of the regions of Italy and obtained a residence permit in the country. Each case clearly demonstrates, that the experts have an individual approach to addressing client issues, as well as provide several options, based on preferences and capabilities of the customer. It is worth noting, that employees of the company offered clients a variety of options for immigration, not only in Italy, but also in many other countries.

Vyacheslav from Moscow turned to "Second House" to trust the professionals to conduct a legal audit and maintenance of the act of sale of a house in Sardinia, as well as to agree on the value of the object with the seller.As the transaction was accompanied only by the Italian lawyer of the seller, Vyacheslav had serious doubts about the protection of his own interests along with many legal aspects, such as the payment procedure, certain conditions of the contract, the regulations of the residential complex regarding the rights and obligations of homeowners. For this reason, the client wanted the transaction to be accompanied in Russian and Italian.

Second Home employees thoroughly checked the documents for the residential property, during which they found a violation of the building permit and offered several options for resolving the problem. The Second Home specialists also successfully negotiated the installment and settlement system with the seller. Preliminary and final contracts of sale were checked for their legality and were drawn up in Russian and Italian. In order to protect the buyer's rights during the installment payment period, the company's lawyers recommended to sign a notarized preliminary contract. As a result of contacting "Second House", Vyacheslav received a comprehensive solution to his problem and was satisfied with the quality of service.

The website of Trade & Consulting sas (Live Italy) contains an immigration story of a family from Russia, who wanted assistance in investing in real estate in Italy and gaining legal residence in a European country. Vladimir, the owner of a medium-sized factory in Novosibirsk, and his wife Natalya, a housewife and employee at her husband's company, and their two children aged 8 and 17, wanted expert legal support and professional assistance with the immigration process.

The investor's family is ready to immigrate to Italy

The main tasks, which faced the experts of Trade & Consulting sas (Live Italy), were processing a residence permit for the whole family of 4 people with minimal costs, as well as investing more than 350,000 EUR in property and support in the transfer of the family capital in an Italian bank. The clients wanted to entrust experienced specialists with tax optimization of the company and, in the future, with the transfer of the existing business from Russia to Italy, turning it into a service business. The company's lawyers suggested that the family consider countries such as Latvia, Slovenia, Spain, Italy, Germany and Austria for relocation. Latvia and Slovenia were not suitable due to the high cost of maintaining the immigration status, Germany and Austria were rejected because of the German language. Spain was not suitable because of investment requirements and granting a residence permit without the right to work. Since the family has often visited Italy before, and the government of the country does not impose stringent conditions on the duration of stay, they chose Italy.

The difficult process of obtaining a residence permit for the 17-year-old son in the case of the company Trade & Consulting sas (Live Italy), confirms, that the process of processing documents requires a lot of attention to detail. The task of the lawyers was to issue a residence permit before the client reached the age of majority, so the deadline was limited to 6 months, taking into account the possible rejection and its appeal. As a result, the set of documents was collected in 24 days, and the preliminary refusal was appealed by the specialists at the expense of the company. Due to professionalism of the company's lawyers, all the family's goals were reached in a short period of time. The clients were satisfied with Trade & Consulting sas (Live Italy) service and signed a contract for one year post-immigration service.

For the successful resolution of any immigration issue, more than just the client's desire and financial means are needed, but also a certain amount of experience and professional skills. Trying to arrange the relocation or invest in real estate, unprepared person risks suffering financial losses or getting rejected. Companies, such as Second Home and Trade & Consulting sas (Live Italy), provide comprehensive real estate and immigration services not only to Italy, but also to many other countries around the world. Specialists of these companies help clients to achieve the desired result and minimize the risks, with the transparency of their work is confirmed by a number of successful client cases.

Source: Second Home, Trade & Consulting sas (Live Italy)

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