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Greek Residence permit by the purchase of real estate: how to become a resident and get a passport

Alexey Nosovsky

Alexey Nosovsky

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Real estate in Greece on the coast, the purchase of which will provide the investor with a residence permit in Greece

There has been a steady trend of population outflow from Russia in recent years. According to various sources, 60,000 to 300,000 people left Russia in 2020. Due to political instability and sanctions from the United States and the European Union, wealthy people from Russia are increasingly beginning to look for a country with more comfortable conditions to live in. Among the various countries offering immigrants favorable programs for relocation, Greece has one of the leading positions - a foreigner can get a residence permit here, investing in the purchase of real estate only 250 000 EUR. In this case, the applicant does not have to confirm the availability of financial resources in the bank account.

Residency status after the purchase of housing is assigned not only to the main applicant, but also their family members - spouse, children under the age of 21 and parents. It is important that the residence permit is granted to the applicant at once for 5 years, after which it can be extended. Having been living in Greece for 7 years, the resident has the right to apply for citizenship, provided that he/she complies with all immigration requirements.

Foreigners, who have decided to apply for a Greek residence permit through the purchase of real estate, should not solve this problem on their own. Any immigration procedure has many pitfalls and their overcoming requires a certain professional experience and qualifications. Real estate transactions in any case, involve the support of a competent realtor and a lawyer who will help find a suitable object, carry out a thorough check on it, advise on negotiating with the seller, as well as provide transparency and legitimacy of the transaction.

A family inspects a property in Greece with a realtor, the purchase of which will provide them with a residence permit in Greece

There are many companies on the market today, which provide qualified support to clients during the processing of Greek residence permits. Choosing among them the company that is worth applying to, the foreigner must be aware of the difficulties they will face. There are several cases from the website of Greece Invest, which provides immigrants with a comprehensive service, including the selection of resort real estate in the most popular regions of the country, checking the objects, legal support in the transaction and assistance in obtaining a residence permit.

Client of the company Greece Invest, who turned to the agency for help with the purchase of housing and obtaining a residence permit, did not expect that he would have problems with opening a bank account, drawing up reports and paying taxes. The problem was solved very easily - since Greece Invest takes care of every task in a holistic way, all the hassle of financial matters was taken care of by the company's employees. Another feedback describes how the specialist was able to eliminate the problem that arose during the processing of documents for the purchase of a house. This shows that the lawyers, involved in a transaction, need to know how to handle critical situations and deal with them promptly. Another client had concerns about the villa being left unattended for a long time, but Greece Invest took care of the safety of the home as part of the after-sales service program.

Not only individuals, but also companies seeking to make profitable investments turn to firms such as Greece Invest. The economic situation in Greece has contributed to lower prices for residential and commercial properties, making it, according to financial analysts, the perfect time to invest in real estate. The value of the acquired property will inevitably rise, bringing solid dividends to the owners.

Persons, planning to apply for a residence permit in Greece by the purchase of a house, should first formulate as precisely as possible the tasks that need to be solved during the relocation. It is very important to take into account all the difficulties and problems that will inevitably arise - this will enable you to accurately formulate a request to the operator. When choosing an immigration company, a client should carefully read the feedback on its website, learn the specifics of the work, study the list of services and discuss all the nuances of the upcoming procedure with a representative of the company. The example of Greece Invest shows that professional and competent approach, as well as tailored comprehensive service, can make relocation to another country as comfortable and easy as possible for all people.

The family negotiates the conditions for obtaining residency in Greece through the purchase of real estate

Source: сайт Greece Invest

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