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Getting a French Tech Visa for 4 years

Alexey Nosovsky

Alexey Nosovsky

A representative of the Legal Department at iWorld. Author of articles on Migration Law.

October 12, 2021

4 minutes read

Successful obtaining of a French residence permit by French Tech Visa

Experts in the field of information technology and digital innovation, as well as investors and founders of startup projects from outside the European Union are in demand in France. That is why the French Tech Visa, a procedure for fast-track processing of French residence permit, was created. The spouse and minor children may become residents of France along with an in-demand foreign specialist, businessman or a start-up specialist. French residence permit (Passeport Talent-Family) is executed for the main applicant and their family within 4-6 months.

Sergey Tikhomirov from Irkutsk, Russia, applied to Win-Winstrategy in mid-January 2021. Sergey successfully participated in several startup projects in the Russian IT field and wanted to experience working in France. This country had long attracted Sergei by its social structure, culture, and climate. The specialist found out about the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in France under the fast-track procedure thanks to the marketplace. This is where he found Win-Winstrategy, which offered the suitable service.

A businessman learns about obtaining a residence permit in France through Passeport Talent-Family

During the consultation, Sergey told the employees of the company that he is married and has a 15-year-old child, who is just about to graduate from high school. The main goal of Sergey was to obtain French residency as quickly as possible, in order to enter the EU market and scale up his professional activities. In addition, Sergey wanted his child to study at a prestigious European university.

The task of Win-Winstrategy specialists was to quickly issue a Passport Talent-Family to the innovator and his family members. First, immigration lawyers assessed the client's chances of moving to the EU. They turned out to be quite high. In addition to a solid professional background, Sergei had a stable financial situation and perfect document situation.

With the support of Win-Winstrategy specialists, the start-up specialist from Irkutian submitted an application for a residence permit together with other documents to La French Tech, a French organization that supports international start-ups. A positive reply came three weeks later. After that, Sergei and his family made an appointment at the French consulate to apply for a visa to enter France. The family of the IT specialist had to fly to Moscow for this. Russian citizen was prepared for the interview at the consulate via Skype. After opening a visa, Sergey gathered the missing documents with the support of the Win-Winstrategy employees and flew to Paris with his wife and child to complete the processing of the Passeport Talent-Family.

Appeal of a businessman and lawyer to the French organization La French Tech, which supports international startups

In Paris, Sergei Tikhomirov and his family were met by a French representative of Win-Winstrategy and accompanied to submit documents to the Prefecture, the appointment to which had been made in advance by the company's lawyers. Just a month after visiting the Paris Prefecture, the Tikhomirovs family obtained a four-year temporary residence permit in France, and Sergey was able to start working on another startup project in a well-known French company.

The dream of a startup specialist from Irkutsk to live and work in France came true thanks to the prompt and professional actions of Win-Winstrategy employees. In addition to assistance in obtaining a French residence permit, the company provides services for obtaining a residence permit in Montenegro. Citizens of any country, who wish to move to the EU, may apply to the company for consulting support. Experienced Win-Winstrategy lawyers help their clients collect, translate and notarize all the necessary documents to obtain the status of the EU resident.

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