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French residence permit for a Moscow entrepreneur

Alexey Nosovsky

Alexey Nosovsky

A representative of the Legal Department at iWorld. Author of articles on Migration Law.


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Flag against the background of Paris, a city that can be reached through a French Tech Visa

France, which belongs to one of the most developed countries of the EU, fosters the growth of its economy through innovation and investment. The government of this country seeks to create the most favorable conditions for attracting foreign specialists from various fields. For more than a year, France has had a special immigration program French Tech Visa, which helps foreign businessmen, investors, start-up founders, as well as prominent representatives of art and science to obtain a residence permit.

French residence permit "passeport talent" is granted to a promising foreigner without citizenship in the EU for a period of 4 years with the possibility of extension. The residence permit gives a migrant the right to work, do business, study, and enjoy social benefits in France, as well as to travel visa-free within the European Union. If the basic conditions of the program are met, the migrant can apply for permanent residence permit or citizenship, after holding a status of a temporary resident for 5 years. The spouse and children under the age of 18 can apply for French residence permit together with the principal applicant of the French Tech Visa.

The story of Valerij Shatsky from Moscow, who turned to Win-Winstrategy for legal support in March 2021, is an example of a successful move to France under the French Tech Visa program. In a telephone conversation, Valerij told us that he is a businessman with a long experience and the owner of a large poultry farm, located in the Moscow region. Valerij also shared his long-standing desire to move to France, which he has visited many times as a tourist. This country attracted Shatsky by its mild Mediterranean climate and comfortable conditions for the development of innovative business.

Poultry Entrepreneur Preparing to Move to France through the French Tech Visa Program

Shatsky wanted to take part in the establishment of an IT-company and to enter the world market with his product in the future. France, in his opinion, was an excellent launching pad for such projects. In addition, Valerij had always dreamed of learning French and being able to speak it fluently. Therefore, Win-Winstrategy lawyers came to work on a rather unusual case. It was necessary to issue a French residence permit for a Russian citizen through the financing of an innovative business abroad, which was not in the scope of his professional competence. What is more, Shatsky wanted to obtain the status of a French resident in the shortest possible time.

The immigration campaign began with the collection and processing of the documents of an entrepreneur from Moscow. The Win-Winstrategy specialists had no problems with this, since Valerij provided as much information about himself and his business as possible. A bit more difficult was to find a business project in France, corresponding to the client's requirements. However, the Win-Winstrategy team coped with this task. Within a month, a promising international startup was found that develops on innovative products in the field of Big Data analysis for companies, specializing in 3D construction. The office of this startup opened in Paris in 2020. This investment option interested the Russian entrepreneur at once, as he had long wanted to start earning money from high-tech.

On behalf of Valerij, a motivation letter with an application was sent to the French organization La French Tech, which oversees the development of startups in France. A positive response from the organization came within 2 months. Afterwards, the Win-Winstrategy employees made an appointment with Valerij at the consulate, where he provided all the required documents and successfully passed the interview, as he was able to explain in details the purpose of his immigration to France. After that, Valerij obtained a "D" visa, which allowed him to visit Frence and complete the process of obtaining a residence permit. It should be noted, that both before and after the interview, Valery consulted lawyers of Win-Winstrategy, so he clearly understood the meaning of each of his actions.

Spouses with suitcases are ready to move to France under the French Tech Visa Program

A representative of Win-Winstrategy met Shatsky in Paris and escorted him to the prefecture, where the businessman filed documents to obtain the "passeport talent". The Russian received the status of a French resident in a month, after paying the mandatory state fee. Finally, he got a plastic ID-card, which allowed not only to conduct business in France, but also to enjoy all the privileges of a resident of an economically developed European country.

The story of Valerij Shatsky`s successful immigration shows that participation in the French Tech Visa program is quite affordable to investors and businessmen from the CIS countries. You only need to find a law firm that will provide competent support at all stages of obtaining a French residence permit. This way, even clients with special cases have a chance of success.

Win-Winstrategy has extensive experience in consulting and legal support of foreigners immigrating to EU countries. The main area of the company's work is a comprehensive support during the procedure of obtaining a residence permit in France and Montenegro. Specialists of the company help their clients to choose the right program of relocation, collect and process documents, prepare for the interview at the consulate, as well as find a place to live and work in the country of immigration.

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