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Sonos today introduced the Sonos One, an all-new speaker with far-field microphones that allow it to work with digital assistants.

Sonos One via Engadget

Sonos One can be controlled entirely with voice, and it will support Amazon’s Alexa out of the box to start, with Google Assistant to follow next year.

The Verge attended the Sonos event in New York today and shared its take:

The Sonos One is basically a Play:1 speaker that’s been refreshed for the era of voice-based assistants. The existing Play:1 already sounds better than the Amazon Echo and Google Home, so Sonos is no doubt hoping that consumers will favor its own offering over those products.

Sonos speakers can play music from all of the most popular streaming services, including Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, and others.

Sonos One will be available October 24 for $199 in the United States.

Sonos also announced that it will be adding support for Apple’s new AirPlay 2 standard to its speakers next year, allowing them to be controlled with any Siri-enabled device, such as an iPhone, iPad, and eventually the HomePod.

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