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Each year, Apple chooses a selection of exceptional apps and games that are given the company’s coveted Apple Design Award to honor design and innovation.

The 2017 design winners include popular titles like Severed, Enlight, Things 3, and Old Man’s Journey.


Mushroom 11 [Direct Link]

Splitter Critters [Direct Link]

Old Man’s Journey [Direct Link]

Severed [Direct Link]

Blackbox [Direct Link]


Kitchen Stories [Direct Link]

Airmail 3 [Direct Link]

Lake [Direct Link]

Things 3 [Direct Link]

Elk Currency Converter [Direct Link]

Enlight [Direct Link]

Bear [Direct Link]

2016 Apple Design Award winners included Lara Croft Go,, Chameleon Run, Auxy Music Creation, Streaks, Complete Anatomy, INKS, Zova, Ulysses Mobile, and djay Pro.
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